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Marcegaglia Ravenna preads over a 540,000-mq surface (225,000 covered) between the left bank of the channel-harbour and the industrial area on the northern city seashore. The complex hosts the most technologically advanced machines for chemical pickling, cold rolling, annealing, galvanizing and pre- painting of steel coils and a service center for slitting and cut-to-length of carbon steel coils.

Steel coils delivered daily by sea to the harbor dock of the Ravenna plant are converted into finished products through several processing stages.
The steel is pickled, to remove the oxides from the coil surface. Then trimmed at the edges, to ensure a constant width, and skinpassed to achieve a premium planarity.
After pickling, the coils are cold-rolled to reduce the thickness. Then they are processed through the static annealing cycle and the final skinpassing or through the hot dip galvanizing line.

Part of the production of galvanized coils feeds the pre-painting line, for the pro- duction of pre-painted strips ready for customers’ use.
A brand new combined coating line is capable of galvanizing and pre-painting inline, adding greater capacity and flexibility to the production mix.

The service center area is dedicated to the finishing, cut-to-length and packa- ging of processed flat products.