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Founded in 2015, Marcegaglia Turkey is located in Ergene, Tekirdag (Turkey). Is is dedicated to the manufacturing of stainless steel welded tubes round and box section.

The manufacturing unit is part of Marcegaglia Specialties network worldwide.

Through its production of High Frequency welding technology, Marcegaglia Turkey aims to expand the Marcegaglia existing manufacturing network and to sustain the internal demand.

Marcegaglia Turkey’s production is addressed to foreign markets as well, all over Mediterranean, the Balkans/Black Sea area and MENA countries.

The production area is spread on an overall surface of 43,000 sqmcounting on a manufacturing capacity of 12,000 t/years. Today can count on 65 employees both on commercial and production levels.

Within the manufacturing area, all the tube mills are engineered accordingly to Marcegaglia know-how to guarantee the same efficiency and quality standards of Marcegaglia global production and to satisfy the most strict markets’ requirements.